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These are the prices of the Oracle quizzes:

 Topic Level Year  Number of
  Basic Quiz NEW 2 2017 - today >50 35
  Advanced Quiz NEW 3 2017 - today 9 70
  Advanced Quiz OLD 3 2005 - 2016 >50 110
  1 Quiz (*) 2-3 2005 - today 1 20

(*) you choose the quiz

When a quiz is added:

About every month, in my website I add a new quiz :
They could be:
- Quiz level 1 : I'll immediately write the solution on the website
- Quiz level 2 : I'll write the solution after 6 years from the publication of the quiz. Otherwise you can buy it
- Quiz level 3 : you can buy the solution. I will send it to you by e-mail (file in DOC format).


To do the subscription or to ask any questions, write to:

How to pay:

You have 2 methods to pay:


My Paypal account is
If you prefer to have the direct link for the payment, please write me an email and I will send you the link ("money request") thru paypal.


Write me an email in order to have my QR code to do the payment:


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